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Organic Shrub Fertilizer Service For All The Plants On Your Property – Straw Hat Lawn & Landscape We are always striving to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Organic fertilizer has become popular with our customers. Shrubs are frequently neglected. Our Organic fertilizer can help maintain healthy, green, and thick plants. We have found a

Mosquito Control – Straw Hat Lawn & Landscape We offer several options for Mosquito Control Chemical Control of mosquito’s is relatively inexpensive, and effective.  We offer a comprehensive Chemical Mosquito Control Plan at a reasonable price.   Mechanical Control of Mosquito’s is slightly more expensive but offers the advantage of being environmentally friendly. Either plan

Lawn De-Thatch & Power Rake Spring is a great time to De-Thatch your lawn.  Our professional De-thatching equipment will clean up any debris left over from the winter.  Our spring tine de-thatcher will also pull any old matted thatch out of the turf without damaging your lawn. Contact us for a FREE Lawn De-Thatching quote

Turf Insect Control Plan To Meet Every Need – Green Bay WI All of our Turf Insect Control plans include quality chemicals applied by Certified and Trained Professional chemical applicators. Pre-pay for the season – this is our most popular option offering a discount over paying each week Pay as you go – This option

Lawn Weed Control Plan to meet every need. All of our weed control plans include quality chemicals applied by certified and trained professional chemical applicators. Contact us for a FREE quote and lawn assessment. Weed Control Plan For The Season Pre-pay for the season – this is our most popular option offering a discount over

Rain gardens beautify yards, protect the environment and create habitats for other native species! Rain Gardens overflow with native plants, in a world of gardens filled with posies and marigolds. Why natives? Because they evolved to fit their environment. They are naturally drought, flood and pest resistant, which translates to less work for the novice

Selecting a Lawn Service If you are thinking of hiring a professional lawn service, you’re not alone; lawn services are popular and extremely helpful to the busy family. But, how do you decide which company to hire? At Straw Hat Lawn & Landscape, we think it is important to talk with a lawn care service

Mid-Summer Lawn Care At Straw Hat Lawn & Landscape, we take great pride in how our lawns look throughout the season.  These are a few of the tips we follow to make sure your lawn will stay green and healthy even during the hot, dry period of mid-Summer. Lawns that turn brown in mid-summer may

Lawn Care & Water Quality – Straw Hat Lawn & Landscape, LLC At Straw Hat Lawn & Landscape, we strive to reduce our environmental impact.   Here are a few tips for reducing rain water run-off.   If you look in the street outside of your home or office and search the parking lots around town,