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Why Hire a Lawn Service for De-thatching or Power Raking   Having your lawn de-thatched by a professional Green Bay, WI  lawn service is extremely valuable in keeping a beautiful yard healthy. Lawn de-thatching is an important element in the maintenance of a rich, healthy lawn. It helps the grass to grow thick and prevents

We Offer Several Lawn Mowing packages – Straw Hat Lawn & Landscape   Weekly Mowing – Scheduled professional lawn mowing every week of the growing season. Pre-pay for the season – this is our most popular option offering a discount over paying each week Pay as you go – This option is popular with those

A Vital Part of Lawn Maintenance – Lawn Core Aeration – Letting the Lawn Breathe   Lawn Aeration in Green Bay is as important as breathing is for human life. If you do not help your lawn breathe from time to time, you will notice its beauty starting to fade. The grass doesn’t look as