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We’re well into Spring. As the days warm, we’ve got a plan for you to get your outdoor space ready for summer’s delight. But, first, we’re going to need to take care of what the winter left behind and the best way to do that is a thorough spring clean-up. It All Starts Here Anyone

ACT FAST TO SAVE YOUR SALT DAMAGED LAWN! FAST ACTION is your best bet to assure that road salt doesn’t have a chance to damage that verdant lawn you remember, and crave, now that spring is here. The salts applied to clear our roads and keep us from slipping on winter ice can do severe

Lawn De-thatching is a task that is actually hard on grass, so the most ideal time to perform this job is right before the grass is at its strongest. Various types of grasses reach their growth peak at different times of the year, which means that the best time to de-thatch depends on the type

Lawn Fertilizer is needed by turf grass lawns to help the grass grow thick, strong and healthy.  A complete fertilizer should contain three main nutrients: phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. There are two major types of nitrogen sources in lawn fertilizers – quick-release and slow release.  If you want your turf lawn to grow well, it

Steps to take & mistakes to avoid Lush, weed-free lawns needn’t involve hours of work. A few simple mowing, watering, and fertilizing steps from the lawn experts at Straw Hat Lawn & Landscape, LLC can get you the verdant field of green you want without all the hassle and elbow grease. Two of the most crucial

All too often, we find that even with the best care and maintenance, our lawns show signs of Japanese Beetle grub damage. It is really frustrating to see your lawn being infested with lawn grubs or curl grubs. These lawn grubs are white C-shaped grubs with a black or brown head. They are actually the larvae of

Lawn Weed Control – Proper Lawn Care and Maintenance Almost all homes have a lawn. Some are right out front while others are concealed in the backyard. A well maintained lawn serves to landscape a home, adding to its value. Hence it is not so surprising that some homeowners are spending a lot of effort,

Pet Safe Lawn Fertilizers Keep your Lawn Safe and Healthy Most of the pesticides and fertilizers used for lawn care available in the market today have harmful chemicals. Pets tend to eat grass and they end up consuming these chemicals accidentally. These harmful chemicals can cause various risks to the health of your pets. Using pet

If you live in the Green Bay area, it’s important to realize the value of a good Green Bay fertilizer service. This is something that will give your lawn greater health and help it to grow better than it would without the help of fertilizer. Everything about your lawn improves when it receives the right

A lawn is many a homeowner’s pride. Your lawn is what visitors and strangers passing by first see when they walk past your house. Your lawn is what adds to the outer beauty of your home. In many ways, your lawn represents you as a homeowner. That is why taking care of your lawn and making