Lawn De-thatching is a task that is actually hard on grass, so the most ideal time to perform this job is right before the grass is at its strongest. Various types of grasses reach their growth peak at different times of the year, which means that the best time to de-thatch depends on the type of grass lawn that you have. So, it is important that you first determine the kind of grass that you have on your lawn before you de-thatch.

For those who are not aware, thatch refers to the layer of dead and alive grass roots and stems. Their presence is a sign that you have a healthy lawn. The perfect amount of thatch offers a spongier surface that you will feel when place your bare feet on the lawn. At the same time, thatch helps the lawn to be more resistant to normal wear and tear. But with more than the right amount of thatch (half an inch of thatch is more than enough), the necessary amount of water and nutrients cannot freely enter the soil under the lawn. When you lawn is over-thatched, you generally see green on top and brown and dead underneath. And after mowing, what are left are the brown layer and your entire lawn will appear as if it has been scalped.

lawn-thatchIf you feel that your lawn is too spongy for comfort and you see dry spots


How to tell if your lawn needs de-thatching

even though you regularly water the lawn, it may already require lawn de-thatching. At the same time, if you notice that the very top part of your turf is green and right below is brown, you most likely need to have your lawn de-thatched. In reality, thatch only starts to become an issue if you let it stay there for a long time. And, if you wait for a couple of years before you decide to do some yard refurbishing, de-thatching becomes a lengthy and agonizing task.

Ideally, you need to have your lawn de-thatched at least every two years. Some people even have their lawns de-thatched once a year. The reason behind this is because some types of grass, such bent grass, are best maintained by having it de-thatched once a year. Consistent de-thatching allows the grass’s buds to grow near the base of the stems. This prevents the grass from dying underneath and leaving the top part green. Thatching allows your grass to grow lush and thick. Another advantage of regular de-thatching is that it does not generate a lot of garbage and debris. Lawn-De-thatch

De-thatching does not have to be expensive. If you want to try it yourself, de-thatchers can be rented, and alternatively there are also thatching rakes available on the market. Or, you can make life a little easier by hiring thatching experts in your area. These experts usually use de-thatching tools that are attached to lawn mowers.  Hiring an expert for Lawn de-thatch will prevent the destruction of your lawn which can be more expensive in the long run.







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