Grub damaged lawn Green BayAll too often, we find that even with the best care and maintenance, our lawns show signs of Japanese Beetle grub damage. It is really frustrating to see your lawn being infested with lawn grubs or curl grubs. These lawn grubs are white C-shaped grubs with a black or brown head. They are actually the larvae of different lawn beetles, living underneath the soil surface. They feed on the roots of grass and within few weeks, they can completely destroy your lawn.

Most of the activities of grubs take place during times of the year when it is warmer, from early spring to summer and then autumn. These grubs can cause damage to your lawns even before you learn about their presence. But there’s no need to worry too much because there are techniques for recognizing and getting rid of them before they can create serious damage to your lawn.

Grub life cycle De PereUse pesticide – Pesticides with long term results are ideal for all types of lawn grubs. Because grubs are more active at night, the best time to apply the herbicide is before sunset. It is recommended to use the pesticide during summer and spring months because the grubs tend to dig deeper in the ground when the weather is colder.

Wear spiked aerator shoes – Walking over your lawn with these shoes on is the widely used technique in controlling Japanese beetle grub because of the dual benefits it can offer. First is it kills the grubs and secondly, it aerates the lawn.

Take advantage of milky spore – This organic solution is capable of working more effectively especially if there is a high concentration of grubs in your lawn. The milky spore solution can live in your lawn over time so reapplying it is unnecessary. Aside from that, researchers have shown as well that milky disease can affect both the Japanese beetles and white grubs.

Lawn grub damage HowardUse long skinny worms – Also known as nematodes, when they get into your coils, they attach themselves to grubs until the grubs die. This technique is fairly effective especially if there is a large population of grubs in your lawn.

Use a lawn dethatcher – Lawn grubs reside in the thatch layer of the lawn and using a lawn de-thatcher can remove the thatch while eliminating at least half of the lawn grubs that consume your lawn. Once the thatch is removed, you will see a lot of dead grubs that are fused with it. Also, removing the protective layer of the thatch from the soil will expose the lawn grubs to birds and other natural predators.

All these techniques can help you in controlling the number and getting rid of grubs in your lawn.

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