A Vital Part of Lawn Maintenance – Lawn Core Aeration – Letting the Lawn Breathe

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Lawn Aeration in Green Bay is as important as breathing is for human life. If you do not help your lawn breathe from time to time, you will notice its beauty starting to fade. The grass doesn’t look as healthy, thatch builds up, and fertilizers do not seem to be of much help. These are definite signs that your lawn needs to be aerated.

If you want your lawn grass to be healthy, dense and vigorous, lawn maintenance has to be regular and professional. Only by understanding the particularities and needs of your lawn, will you be able to keep it healthy and attractive. For the sake of beautiful grass, lawn aeration should be done regularly, at least once or twice a year.

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What are the benefits of lawn aeration?

Aerating the lawn has multiple benefits. For example, through the process of aeration, oxygen reaches the roots, allowing the lawn and soil to breathe. Your lawn will grow healthy and dense thanks to the oxygen in the soil.

Also, an aerated lawn helps water to be absorbed faster in the soil. Water will reach the roots more rapidly, helping them grow. Fertilizers and nutrients also make their way faster to the roots of the plants. All these activities encourage the growth of stronger roots, so your lawn will be more resistant in times of difficulty from the weather and elements.

Another benefit of aerating is the removal of thatch. The organic layer above the soil will be broken up during the aeration process. Thanks to aerating, your lawn will not need de-thatching too soon. Aerating also contributes to preventing fungal invasions and other diseases of the lawn. Actually, by aerating the lawn, healthy microorganisms that eat thatch are encouraged to grow.

Because of  beneficial consequences it has on the health of the grass, aeration should never miss from usual lawn maintenance practices.

When should I aerate my lawn?

Lawn aeration should be done in spring or autumn, when the grass grows more vigorously. This way, the plants can recover quickly after the aeration. It is not advisable to aerate the lawn when the grass and soil are extremely dry.

Some lawns and soils need more frequent lawn aeration than others. For example, clay soil should be aerated twice a year. As a general rule for all lawn maintenance practices, remember that you have to pay attention to the particularities of the soil, grass and climate in your local area before deciding when to aerate.

Fall Special – Lawn Aeration Starting at $69.00*

Lawn Core Aeration in Green Bay

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