Why Choose a Professional Lawn Service for Turf Weed Control


dandelion green bayMaintaining a beautiful, healthy and thick lawn requires professional turf weed control, and this can be done only with the help and knowledge provided by a lawn service. Weeds can grow unexpectedly and damage the lawn. These undesired plants compete with the grass for water, nutrients and can also affect the lawn esthetically. The weeds usually have a different color and texture from the grass, making the lawn look patched.

Removing the weeds or controlling them is necessary for an even lawn. However, not every homeowner has the in-depth knowledge to properly control the weeds that grow on his/her lawn. In such cases, it is advisable to hire a lawn service to ensure the best use of the right products. Your lawn will look beautiful, healthy, and without weeds.


There are two basic methods for controlling weeds:

1) Non-chemical procedure

2) Chemical method

Non-chemical weed control

Non-chemical control is less aggressive to the lawn and could help the grass grow thicker and healthier. Actually, weeds can sometimes be a sign of other problems with the lawn. When the grass is weak or unhealthy, weeds are more likely to appear. Properly aerating and feeding the lawn will help the grass grow more vigorously and prevent the weeds from spreading. Raking and mowing could eliminate creeping weed. As a general rule, if you keep your lawn healthy, you can reduce weed problems.

Chemical weed control

Sometimes weed problems can be so severe that non-chemical methods are not enough to eliminate the unwanted plants from the lawn. In this case, applying a weed killer could be the only method of getting rid of the undesirable herbs. It is very important to let a professional lawn service handle the chemical weed control because using the inappropriate herbicides could damage your lawn.

There are different herbicides for different types of weed. Choosing the right weed killer is vital for the success of the procedure. Some herbicides can be extremely harmful for other plants that grow near your lawn, like trees and flowers.

Also, applying the herbicide should be done at the most appropriate time. For example, it is better to apply a weed killer in spring or summer, when the plants are most dense and vigorous. Sometimes, more than one application might be necessary to eliminate all the weeds.

A professional turf weed control service will evaluate the degree of weed infestation in your lawn and decide the type of weed killer to use and the number of necessary applications, helping your grass look smooth and healthy again.

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