Does your lawn look like this in the spring because of vole damage?

green bay-Vole-Damage-Grass







howard vole damage turf







suamico lawn vole trails








Vole damage to Green Bay lawns is a common problem.  They scurry around under the protection of the Wisconsin snow cover until spring.  Then we get our first look at the damage when the snow melts.


There are a variety of control measures available: repellents, traps, and poison.  I have found poison to be the most effective.


  • Traps need to be looked after regularly and the vole dispatched by some method.
  • Repellents work while they are present on the lawn, but as winter wears on, these repellents tend to become less effective. Voles get used to them and start filtering into the area.
  • Poison bait boxes are set and require little maintenance. We recommend checking them once during the winter for adequate supply of poison blocks, but other than that it tends to be the most effective and easiest to maintain method.


As a service to our clients, we will set and fill bait boxes at the end of the mowing season. Just CONTACT US for a free quote.


If you are the DIY type, you may want to get a supply ordered now before snow flies.

A good variety of styles and prices can be found here:  Bait Boxes

Bait Box


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