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Most of the pesticides and fertilizers used for lawn care available in the market today have harmful chemicals. Pets tend to eat grass and they end up consuming these chemicals accidentally. These harmful chemicals can cause various risks to the health of your pets. Using pet safe lawn fertilizer can negate these problems. Nowadays, these fertilizers are found in the market and they are fairly cheap. Alongside using pet safe lawn fertilizers, you can also take care and maintain the beauty of your lawn by having healthy soil.

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Healthy soil is made up of minerals, bacteria, air, water and organic fertilizers that can tackle most of the problems in your lawn. So before starting to grow a lawn, it is important to check first the soil to be used. Healthy soil can help in improving the quality of grass which will then elevate the resistance of  insects on grass which helps you avoid the use of harmful insecticides and pesticides. If you want to use a ready-made organic fertilizer, make sure that the ingredients are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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  • Organic lawn fertilizer is the best choice for lawn care if you have pets at home. Such fertilizers can naturally help the grass grow. They maintain an environment that is healthy because they won’t cause any harm to your pet. These fertilizers are comprised of biodegradable substances such as cow manure. Other popular ingredients found in organic fertilizers include worn castings and kelp.


  • It is also possible to make your own pet safe lawn fertilizer since almost all of the ingredients needed for this fertilizer are readily and easily available. For instance, you can compost waste products from your home such as leftover food and fruit peels. You can even choose other materials like dried leaves, nitrogen rich greens and wood chips. Composting is a process in which biodegradable products are decomposed to create organic rich materials. Doing it is actually simple and all that’s needed to do is store waste materials and then leave them to naturally decompose in the soil. The time needed to decompose varies, depending on the material you use and the climate in your area. After fully decomposing the materials, you can already use it as a fertilizer for your lawn. Tests prove that these fertilizers have the same effects as the artificial ones.

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  • If you are faced with weed problems in your lawn, you can simply deal with that by choosing a weed control option that is safe for your pet and recommended by your veterinarian. But make sure you check the ingredients of the product and avoid those that contain inert materials as they are highly toxic. You can also make a weed killer at home as a safe solution. What you need is a spray bottle, vinegar and boiling water. Other optional ingredients you can add are citrus oil and clove oil.
  • Using environmentally friendly and pet safe lawn fertilizer will not only safeguard your pets from harmful diseases but will also help you maintain a healthy environment at home.


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