We Offer Several Lawn Mowing packages – Straw Hat Lawn & Landscape


Weekly Mowing – Scheduled professional lawn mowing every week of the growing season.

Professional Lawn Mowing Green Bay, WI

  • Pre-pay for the season – this is our most popular option offering a discount over paying each week
  • Pay as you go – This option is popular with those people who may need to spread the cost of mowing out over the season



Mowing on call – Lawn mowing at your request

Mowed lawn in Green Bay, WI by Straw Hat Lawn Care

  • Vacation Mowing – Schedule one or more weeks of lawn mowing while you’re out of town.
  • End of season lawn mowing – We can mow your lawn short and collect the clippings at the end of the season.



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Choose a Professional Lawn Mowing Service in Green Bay, WI – Because Mowing a Lawn the Right Way Matters


A professional lawn mowing service knows exactly what every type of grass needs in terms of caring and maintenance. Mowing the grass is an essential part in maintaining a beautiful lawn your neighbors will surely envy. Regular mowing contributes to the growth of a thick, healthy lawn. If you do not mow your lawn regularly, the grass can grow wildly and unattractive. Mowing the right way is vital for your lawn, so leave this delicate work to the professionals.


The benefits of hiring a lawn service for mowing

Mowing your lawn is necessary for the health of the grass. If you have your lawn mowed regularly, the grass will grow thicker, healthier, and more beautiful. Lawn mowing is also important for esthetic reasons. A mowed lawn is more attractive, speaking about the care and interest of its owner. Mowing the lawn can also prevent diseases and help grow a resistant grass.

The type of grass, the season, the local area, environmental characteristics, they can all influence the frequency of mowing or the mowing height. Hiring a professional lawn service will guarantee the perfect mowing for every season or grass type. This way you will save time while your lawn will undergo proper mowing.


Mowing rules for a healthy lawn

One general mowing rule refers to the height of the grass. It is advisable not to clip off more than one third of the grass. However, different grasses have different suggested mowing heights. Under stressful conditions, like drought, it is better to cut the grass higher. Actually, cutting the lawn higher can encourage the development of more powerful roots.

Another mowing rule states that the lawn has to be mowed regularly, using a sharp blade. That is why you should choose a professional mowing service for your lawn maintenance. Lawn services possess high technology machines that guarantee the lowest damage to your lawn when mowing.

Also, it is advisable to alternate the mowing direction every time you have your lawn cut. Alternate mowing can also produce esthetic results.

Another rule of mowing suggests that cutting the lawn should be done when the grass is dry.

If you leave the clippings to decompose in the grass, they can turn into a natural fertilizer, helping your save money on fertilization. If the lawn is mowed properly, using a sharp blade, the clippings will decompose rapidly and will not contribute to the creation of thatch. So, leave the mowing to a professional lawn mowing service, and your lawn will certainly be thankful.

Lawn Mowing Service in Green Bay

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