Rain gardens beautify yards, protect the environment and create habitats for other native species!

Rain Garden - Straw Hat Lawn & LandscapeRain Gardens overflow with native plants, in a world of gardens filled with posies and marigolds. Why natives? Because they evolved to fit their environment. They are naturally drought, flood and pest resistant, which translates to less work for the novice gardener and the pro, once all the initial work is done.

Natives attract Natives!

Native flowers, sedges, grasses, bushes and trees that make up the rain garden attract the butterflies, frogs, turtles, toads, and birds that depend on them for their food and homes. This natural and native environment creates a backyard habitat for you and your family to watch, enjoy and learn from year after year.

Help the Environment at the Same Time!!
Simply planting a modest rain garden somewhere around your home helps lock rain water in the ground, reducing the flow of pollutants and poisons into the drains. Using organic fertilizers and pesticides in your garden further protects and brings health to your yard and all the species living there, including you.

A Natural Beauty!

Rain gardens bring you and your family the beauty of nature in all its wonderful array. They are organic and completely self-sustaining without any genetic tinkering!! These flowers and plants come straight from the woods, plains and streams, adding natural beauty to your garden and yard.

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