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Your lawn requires constant maintenance and care to ensure its health and beauty. Using lawn rakes is a great way to remove debris from your yard effectively and without issue. These do not require anything besides your own time and energy, making it possible for anyone who is physically able to do it. Lawn rakes are

Why Hire a Lawn Service for De-thatching or Power Raking   Having your lawn de-thatched by a professional Green Bay, WI  lawn service is extremely valuable in keeping a beautiful yard healthy. Lawn de-thatching is an important element in the maintenance of a rich, healthy lawn. It helps the grass to grow thick and prevents

Lawn De-Thatch & Power Rake Spring is a great time to De-Thatch your lawn.  Our professional De-thatching equipment will clean up any debris left over from the winter.  Our spring tine de-thatcher will also pull any old matted thatch out of the turf without damaging your lawn. Contact us for a FREE Lawn De-Thatching quote