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Lawn Weed Control – Proper Lawn Care and Maintenance Almost all homes have a lawn. Some are right out front while others are concealed in the backyard. A well maintained lawn serves to landscape a home, adding to its value. Hence it is not so surprising that some homeowners are spending a lot of effort,

If you live in the Green Bay area, it’s important to realize the value of a good Green Bay fertilizer service. This is something that will give your lawn greater health and help it to grow better than it would without the help of fertilizer. Everything about your lawn improves when it receives the right

Your lawn requires constant maintenance and care to ensure its health and beauty. Using lawn rakes is a great way to remove debris from your yard effectively and without issue. These do not require anything besides your own time and energy, making it possible for anyone who is physically able to do it. Lawn rakes are

Why Choose a Professional Lawn Service for Turf Weed Control   Maintaining a beautiful, healthy and thick lawn requires professional turf weed control, and this can be done only with the help and knowledge provided by a lawn service. Weeds can grow unexpectedly and damage the lawn. These undesired plants compete with the grass for water,

Why Hire a Lawn Service for De-thatching or Power Raking   Having your lawn de-thatched by a professional Green Bay, WI  lawn service is extremely valuable in keeping a beautiful yard healthy. Lawn de-thatching is an important element in the maintenance of a rich, healthy lawn. It helps the grass to grow thick and prevents

We Offer Several Lawn Mowing packages – Straw Hat Lawn & Landscape   Weekly Mowing – Scheduled professional lawn mowing every week of the growing season. Pre-pay for the season – this is our most popular option offering a discount over paying each week Pay as you go – This option is popular with those

Why You Need A Lawn Service It’s human nature to judge a book by its cover, and that is exactly what happens when people look at the exterior of your home. That all starts with your lawn, and if you have an area that is overgrown or unkempt, then the general consensus tends to be

Spring & Fall Yard Clean-up Services – Green Bay, WI   Spring Yard Clean-Up De-Thatch turf area, clean out perennial beds, remove remaining leaves and debris, haul away  debris. Fall Yard Clean-Up Clean up leaves from turf area and perennial beds.  Haul away included.   Contact Us For A FREE Spring & Fall Clean-up Quote.

Rain gardens beautify yards, protect the environment and create habitats for other native species! Rain Gardens overflow with native plants, in a world of gardens filled with posies and marigolds. Why natives? Because they evolved to fit their environment. They are naturally drought, flood and pest resistant, which translates to less work for the novice