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Rain gardens beautify yards, protect the environment and create habitats for other native species! Rain Gardens overflow with native plants, in a world of gardens filled with posies and marigolds. Why natives? Because they evolved to fit their environment. They are naturally drought, flood and pest resistant, which translates to less work for the novice

Selecting a Lawn Service If you are thinking of hiring a professional lawn service, you’re not alone; lawn services are popular and extremely helpful to the busy family. But, how do you decide which company to hire? At Straw Hat Lawn & Landscape, we think it is important to talk with a lawn care service

Mid-Summer Lawn Care At Straw Hat Lawn & Landscape, we take great pride in how our lawns look throughout the season.  These are a few of the tips we follow to make sure your lawn will stay green and healthy even during the hot, dry period of mid-Summer. Lawns that turn brown in mid-summer may