The Straw Hat Man (Scott) has been doing our lawn care now for six years, and we have “loved it.” He does excellent work for a fair price. He is easy to talk to if we have any questions about the service. We mainly have him take care of fertilizing and weed control and then our spring and fall clean-ups. If we are going to be away, he cuts the lawn (with nice edging). We are fussy about avoiding strong pesticides because of health considerations, and he adjusts accordingly. Highly recommend. Here’s an up-date.

We had to be out of town for two weeks earlier in May, just after the fertilizing and the rains. I emailed Scott just before leaving to ask if he could cut the grass once while we were gone. He fit us into his already full schedule, so we got home to a fast growing but nicely groomed lawn. (5/24/15)

Another up-date (11/13/16), two seasons later. This fall I called Scott and asked him if we could discuss the cost of the fall cleanup, leaf removal mainly. I told him our budget was a little pinched this year (new roof and some inside work). Staying within Scott’s standard per-hr. charge, we adjusted the time and tweaked what would be covered. It turned out to be a perfect arrangement. Custom tailored service, and with a smile. Thanks much, Scott