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If you have ever spent hours removing weeds from your lawn only to have them reappear in a few days, you know that removing weeds by mechanical means is only a temporary fix. Weeds will continue to grow back until you get to the root of the problem, and that starts with effective chemical weed control from the experts at Straw Hat Lawn & Landscape, LLC.

We have the expertise to identify weed species and develop an effective plan to eliminate weeds that consume the water and nutrients your lawn needs to thrive. All of our weed control plans feature quality chemicals applied by a certified professional chemical applicator.

Pre-pay for the season — Our most popular option offers a discount over paying each week.
Pay as you go — This option is popular for customers who wish to spread out the cost of weed control over the growing season.
Weed control on call — Chemical applications at your request.

Want to clean up a few weeds on your lawn, but don’t need the full weed control plan? Schedule one or more weed control applications as needed during the season.


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